Newtone transforms brands into spaces and products

Newtone is specialized in the design and construction of cutting-edge spaces and retail formats. By means of a scientific/creative methodology, it analyzes and brings to concrete fruition a brand’s language codes and values.

A brand’s dna is the focal point of our objectives. It is the absolute protagonist because it holds the as yet unexpressed values to be transferred into the project that implements the integrated communication strategies. This design concept extrapolates its essence and converts it into tactile values, creating the ideal space to house them and the product representing them.

Space becomes a new means of communication through a synergistic relationship integrating architecture, interior design and graphics, which outlines new customer experiences and business models.

Newtone created the Italian ING Direct branches format, rocking the bank world with its groundbreaking and customer-friendly design, and designed the Moorer worldwide retail format.
Main clients include GMT-Great Masters of Time, Demattē Trento, Villa Molin Padova, Moorer, Mail Boxes Etc, Borsalino, Lamborghini, Herschel.

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